15th SUBUD WORLD CONGRESS 2018 in FREIBURG - July 28th to August 8th

The focus of the World Congress is to work in UNITY as one body in Subud of all parts; executive, wings and affiliates, services, centers, delegates and members everywhere toward fulfilling Bapak’s vision for Subud in the world for future generations.

Unity of Subud - Unity of Work - Unity of Purpose

Unity of Subud: The theme for the Freiburg Congress will be “Unity”. This symbolizes the integration and working together of all aspects of Subud – Members, Wings, Youth, Helpers, WSA, Zones and Countries to support the process of taking the latihan into the world. This will be done at Congress through “Unity of Work” and ‘Unity of Purpose”.


Unity of Work: Previous congresses have often been spread over a wide area. Sometimes there has been a long walk to reach a Wing centre or the Children’s area. There have been many ‘break-out’ rooms, sometimes as many as 40. The delegates have been locked away in one room, international helpers in another, and the members rarely see them. At Freiburg, the major Congress action will be unified in one huge space, with the presence and involvement of members, delegates, all the wings, helpers, zones, countries and groups. Every element and aspect of Subud will be involved in our unity of work.


Unity of Purpose: It was resolved at the Mexico Congress that: “Our International Subud Organisation and especially the helpers pay more attention to the outer development of Subud in line with Bapak’s constant encouragement to make the latihan visible in the world through working together on project and enterprises”. (Subud Italy on behalf of Zone 3). This is the mandate that calls us to a unity of purpose. The Freiburg Congress will focus on the development of projects that express the latihan in the world.


Three promises

The Congress team invites you to join us in the three promises we make: To do the latihan – to put the latihan into action in the world – through a unity of Subud, of work and of purpose, integrating the individual talents and competences which are represented in the worldwide Subud family.

The location of the World Congress will be Freiburg im Breisgau, or more commonly "Freiburg" is known as the "Jewel of the Black Forest." It is a major city in southwest Germany, situated on the edge of the Black Forest.


Freiburg has more sun hours than anywhere else in Germany. In this small university town, everything is close by and within easy walking distance. Freiburg nestles on the edge of the Black Forest low mountain range and is surrounded by hills and vineyards. The universities are an important economic factor in the city. In the old part of town, you can admire the many half-timbered houses.


The venue for the World Congress will be the "Freiburg Messe"

Messe Freiburg
Europaplatz 1
79108 Freiburg

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