General Information -  Zone 4 Meeting and Summer Holidays from 6 - 16th of July 2017

Dear brothers and sisters we are inviting you to Greece for the Zone 4 Meeting and also to enjoy ten relaxing and fun days by the beautiful sea of Chalkidiki.


We are happy to host the event at a wonderful 5 star Hotel with spacious beautiful rooms and all the facilities we will need. We are getting it for 3-star prices.


Zone 4 Meeting for the delegates, guests are welcomed: 6th to 11th of July
Family Holidays:
6th to 16th of July


Single and double rooms for 10 days are booked out - please choose the Suite instead  - some double rooms from the 11 - 16 are still available.


Registration fee is € 70,00
Registration reduced € 40,00


The reduced registration fee is for those with low income (including students), those without paid work, seniors with small pesion, etc. You just need to state why you are claiming it. You may use the space below.  We ask you not to take advantage of the reduced fee unless  it is impossible for you to find the full amount.

If there is anything else you would like to let us know - please tell us. Thank you!


Room prices per person, half board - beakfast and dinner included, for 10 nights: 

  • Family room 2 adults plus up to 3 children (kids up to 12 are free) - € 960,00 per person
  • Family room: € 640,00  - 3 adults + 1 child up to 12, only adults pay)
  • Suite 4 adults (2 bedrooms): € 570,00

 Prices per person 5 nights:     

  • 5 Double room: € 270,00  -   11-16 th of July  
  • Family room: € 480,00  - 2 adults + 2 or 3 children up to 12, only adults pay)  
  • Family room: € 320,00  - 3 adults + 1 child up to 12, only adults pay)      
  • Suite 4 adults (2 bedrooms): € 285,00


Special Needs
The hotel offers rooms for disabled guests.


About the place:

Alexandros Hotel where we will be staying is situated at the edge of a hilly peninsula called Mount  Athos or Holy Mountain with its twenty monasteries, inhabited my male monks.


A visit to Mount Athos is certainly worthwhile, yet it is by no means a simple matter.

Unfortunately, only men are allowed to visit. They have to have a special permit which must be obtained ahead of time (around two months ahead). One must file a petition stating the exact dates of visit and the monasteries one plans to visit and/or stay in overnight. 

Visitors take  a boat from Ouranoupoli (a village close to the hotel) to Dafni, a small port, and then a small bus to Karies, the capital of the Holy Mountain. From there one has to walk to the monasteries one wants to visit. 


Women can go around the peninsula by boat but cannot get off. Even a tour by boat is quite interesting as the landscape and architecture of the monasteries is really awesome.

Please make up your mind as soon as possible, as there is quite a bit of bureaucracy we have to take care of in order to organize a trip to Mount Athos. There will be some cost for the permit and the boat trip but will by no means be prohibitive. We will be able to give you an estimate in due time. 


In the meantime, you can google “Mount Athos” and look at pictures of the place. They are quite impressive! 


Please ask us if you have any questions: 


Camping Area:


5 - 7 km to the hotel Alexandros Palace is a camping area.Its a beautiful area, next to the sea with huts, tents, rooms and caravans.

Please register with the registration form, that we know that you are coming and please pay the registration fee with the "Payment online form".


The booking for the camping make at the website: 


Reaching Alexandros Palace Hotel by shuttle
We are going to arrange trasport directly from the airport to the hotel  with a cost of about 15 euros.


Reaching Alexandros Palace Hotel by car
The easiest way to reach Alexandros Palace Hotel is by car. You can rent a car from the Thessaloniki Airport or you can contact us using our car rental partners. From the airport, enter the hotel’s address in the GPS and follow the way towards Polygyros and then Ierissos). Starting from SKG Airport, you pass through Thermi and follow the street signs “Polygyros”. Polygyros is the capital of Chalkidiki and the main village.


After Thermi, there’s a series of villages: Vassilika, Agia Anastasia and finally Polygyros. You pass through Polygyros and when you see the General Hospital of Polygyros to your left hand. Then, you start following the signs “Ierissos, Agio Oros”. Agio Oros means Holy Mountain. After Polygyros, you meet Vrastama, then Plana, Gomati and eventually Ierissos, Nea Roda and the little port of Tripiti. The first hotel after Tripiti is Alexandros Palace. The distance is about 120km.



Greece is a Schengen country, so citizens of EU/Schengen countries do not need a visa. If you do need a visa make sure to apply and register quickly, as visa as visa formalities may take several weeks.

You can apply for a visa in your country directly at the Greek embassy or via a travel agency. The local embassy has absolute authority to grant or refuse a visa.

We can offer help by sending you an invitation from Subud Greece.

AGENDA - will come in spring time 2017


  • Please make sure that we receive your payment either with your registration form online (CreditCard 
or PayPal) or by direct international bank transfer. 

  • Please register as soon as possible.
  • Note that the accommodation cannot be allocated until payment in full has been received. 
  • If you are going to pay directly with us in Greece – please let us know in advance.

  • Payment for transportation and excursions is not included and are payable on site 
  • Cancellation: 
If you cancel your reservation after having paid, the refund amount will be less a 10% administration and handling fee.



  • PayPal
    You may use the easy way through Paypal on our online registration form
    (You may also use your CreditCard with PayPal). 

  • Bank transfer /Account details
    Subud  Deutschland e.V
    Bank: Volksbank eG BraWo
IBAN: DE32269910660802085001

    Please state ‚Gathering 2017 Zone 4’ and the person’s names you are paying for.

    All banking charges are for your account, please read your banking instructions carefully.
  • Cash payment on site

    If you are going to pay at your arrival in Greece with cash -
    please don't forget to inform us beforehand! 
    Use this option only if the transfer costs are much too high or impossible.
  • Donation
    Please support us by donating an amount possible for you.
    We would love to have as many delegates from all Zone 4 countries. Thank you!

We look forward to receiving your registration and to meet you in Greece 2017!

 Your Zone 4 Team

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