Please find attached the document on frequently asked questions as prepared by the Congress team.  You should be able to find an answer to any of your questions. 

Should you have any further questions which may not be answered within the document please contact Maya Korzybska:

Frequently Asked Questions
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Preparing World Congress 2018 in Freiburg, Germany, with an estimate of approximately 2500 Subud members participating, still calls for important functions to be filled.


If you feel drawn to any of the following functions, if you have the competence and the extra time needed, we will be happy to receive your response to Hilma at:


Positions needing to be filled:

At the management level: On-site section management (Facility-Management).

At the operational level: Assistant to the accommodation team; Head of Catering; Head of Interior and Exterior Design (Congress architecture); Logistics Management; Internal Marketing.


Individual tasks:

If you are not able to spare so much time but want to take part anyway, there are still individual jobs to be filled outside the core team. Participation in team meetings is not required, only close cooperation with the team.


Areas where help is needed:

Customer Service Registration; Newsletter; Child and family program; World Congress Bazaar; Art Exhibition: Facebook-Admins (support for the social media/marketing team).

You will find fuller descriptions and more general information here

We look forward to meet you in Freiburg!

 Your Zone 4 Team

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