General Informations!

Please note! The World Congress begins on Saturday 28th of July 2018 and continues until Wednesday 8th of August 2018.
Date of arrival: 27 July 2018. Date of departure; 9 August 2018.


Accomodation in Freiburg

Even if registration for the World Congress is not yet possible, you can already search for, and book, accommodation in Freiburg.  There are several possibilities available!

The official Freiburg website (in German) offers a tourism sector at,Lde/225797.html (in multiple languages) where you can book accommodation.

Use, to find private holiday apartments in and around Freiburg.

Ms Kerstin Schultheis (not a Subud member) at the Freiburg Tourism Office is our point of contact for all accommodation enquiries for the World Congress. She is available to offer information about all types of hotels, bed and breakfast arrangements, holiday apartments and apartments in general in Freiburg and the immediate surroundings. You can reach her at: Kerstin Schultheis, Freiburg Tourism Office, Tel.: +4976138811444,

Mid of November you can register for the World Congress.We will let you know when it is possible.


Registration fee:

Early bird fee (registering before February 28, 2018): 350.- euros
Normal fee (registering between March 1 and June 14, 2018, incl.): 390.- euros
Late comer fee (as of June 15): 450.- euros 

Children and young members under 18 do not have to pay for registration. Deadline is up to the 27th of July 2018. Anyone who turns 18 during the congress qualifies as a paying attendee.

Daily fee 45 EUR (for all from 18 and above)

A fund to help people needing support for the registration fee will be set up. Applications for support will go through the national committee and zone structures, not directly to the congress team.

Although it is hoped that each Zone can sponsor their own delegates who need assistance to be able to attend the congress, this is not always possible - especially in areas of economic challenges both for the zones and members. The WSA feels its responsibility to be of assistance to meet these challenges. Therefore, an Assistance Fund is being created to help defray the costs for those who are economically challenged to come to congress.
We are establishing a General Fund to which individuals can contribute. The funds, although administered by the WSA, would be allocated to three different categories of needs: Delegates, General Membership and Youth Travel Fund. These funds would be managed by the WSA but the distribution would be supported by the Zone Representatives for the delegates and general membership, and by the Youth Representatives and Coordinator for youth travel.


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