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SUBUD Zone4 countries
Subud houses in Cherkassy, Oslo and Wolfsburg
Subud houses in Cherkassy, Oslo and Wolfsburg

Zone 4:
Approximately 1000 members, 60 groups, 24 countries, and 6 Subud houses.

Zone 4 covers central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, northern Asia and part of the Middle East, with Scandinavia in the North and Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey in the South to Russia and the Ukraine in the East. It has more countries with Subud members than any other zone.  An interesting fact is that English is the language commonly used throughout the zone, although it is not the native language for any of the countries.
Country Chairperson/Contact Groups/Centers



Austria Harris  Tolloy-Maccauley Vienna, Lilienfeld, Bad Vöslau,



Cyprus Vacant
Larnaka, Nikosia    



Czech Republic Olga Schmidtova Prague



Denmark Aisha Inga Holm Copenhagen



Finland Ragna Valli Pori, Helsinki



Germany Helen Han

Berlin, Bonn (2), Braunschweig,
Braunschweig, Düsseldorf,Frankfurt,

Freiburg, Hamburg (2), Hannover,

Karlsruhe, Munich, Nürnberg, Potsdam,

Ravensburg, Sipplingen, Wolfsburg

Greece Harissa Deligianni Athens, Corfu 33
Hungary Tamás Czeczeli Budapest 70
Israel Arianna Shapira Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzelia,
Zichron Jacob, Arad
Lebanon Nitara Lina Yehia Beirut 13
Lithuania Julija Snezko Vilnius, Kaunas 18
Moldova Irina (Damita) Oborocenu Chisinau 6
Norway Halim Bustillo Oslo, Møre, Bergen, Hamar 94


Regional Members 12
Russia Aleksander  Parshikov Moscow, Tambov, St. Petersburg,
Kazan, Kaliningrad, Ufa & Archangelsk
Serbia Josephine Bacikin Belgrade, Zrenjanin 6
Sweden Ragnar Magner Gothenburg, Stockholm 42
Switzerland No National Committee Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, Zürich 57
Ukraine Matvey Maslov Kiev, Cherkassy, Dnepropetrovsk 115
In addition there are members in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, , Latvia, Romania, and Turkey.You may find contact information here (you will be redirected to the website of

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