Zone4 has a history of members and their families getting together for holidays and family camps.


For many years every winter a ski-camp was organized in Switzerland, but also there have been gatherings in Greece, the Crimea, Lithuania, Austria, Russia, Israel, Poland, Germany, Norway, Hungary and elsewhere.


Subudhouses in Zone 4 welcome foreign guests, most of them with accomodation. More infos at with more informations.


Area 2 Latihan  - every 3rd week of a month!
Robiyan (Subud Greece) writes:
The proposal to have a monthly Area 2 latihan was made by Greece at the 2016 Z4 meeting and was passed. It originated from a feeling to draw all the countries in area 2 a little closer together. Although it is no substitute for meeting together, it will hopefully help.

It is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month (currently 18 November) at 12 noon CET. Where there are groups it would be an incentive for the group to meet for this. Where there is no group it might help individual members to feel more connected to the Subud community. It has the advantage of being at a fixed time each month, since all the countries are within one hour before or after this time.

Some of the information has been taken from the website of the World Subud Association.

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