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The garden of Forgiveness, Lebanon

Alexandra Asseily
Alexandra Asseily

Hadiqat As-Samah - the garden of Forgiveness

In August l997, Alexandra Asseily had a vision concerning the repetitive nature of conflict; that consciously and unconsciously held grievances are received by each new generation through an ancestral ‘contract’ that can only be released  through forgiveness and compassion. This vision inspired the Garden of Forgiveness in Beirut, Lebanon to which Alexandra has been committed. She has helped groups of internationally acclaimed archaeologists, architects (Gustafson Porter) and engineers to come together under Solidere’sleadership (the Central Beirut redevelopment company) and begin to construct this garden in the heart of Beirut among three cathedrals and three mosques.

Imam Muhammad Ashafam,  Pastor James Wuye and Alexandra Asseily in Beirut
Imam Muhammad Ashafam, Pastor James Wuye and Alexandra Asseily in Beirut
Garden of Forgiveness - Vision
Source: Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace
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Puppeteers without borders

Rochi Dan. Dina Kaplan & Erica Zoltan Sapir
Rochi Dan. Dina Kaplan & Erica Zoltan Sapir



Puppeteers Without Borders
An international organization promoting growth, change and conflict-resolution through puppetry

The vision of Puppeteers Without Borders is to empower communities around the world to confront difficult issues through the magical art of Puppetry.
We create training modules in health education, Family planning, HIV/AIDS, Hospital environment, Non-Violent-Communication, Environmental topics, Cultural diversity and Human Rights.
Outreach training:
We train professionals to apply puppetry in their specific work environment to address difficult issues. We collaborate with medical doctors and educators to widen the scope of their work and ours.
Our target training is with, but not limited to, the following professionals:

  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Community health workers
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers

Why Puppetry?

The puppet dares to tell all. It can be rude, outspoken, truthful and humorous. Through puppetry we can reach the outrageous, absurd and impossible. As an ancient mode of communication puppetry still holds immense potential to encourage creativity and self expression to emerge. Working on the edge between entertainment and education, puppets can both teach and persuade. They are just waiting to be used to help communities grow and change.
Aims of education through puppetry:

  • To question existing patterns of behavior and find new ways of dealing with them.
  • To model and reframe existing social realities.
  • To create a climate for discussion and dialogue.
  • To empower teachers and community workers in creating
    their own local puppetry in education programs

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Budesti English Language Summer School / 2011 and 2012

The mission of the project is to provide children from Budesti community with better life opportunities and stimulate their re-socialisation by offering them an intensive 2-week English language summer school within the period of summer vacation. Summer proves to be a very suitable period as children are on vacation and thus, the project can make the best use of their free time.


Anna Hiora writes:

"My inspiration and motivation comes from my work in Budesti where during my 6 years of volunteering I've seen a lot of misery, poverty, ruined lives, lost opportunities and hundreds of children’s sad eyes. I've seen many projects implemented to improve community infrastructure, boost its economic development and employ people, but not so many projects aimed at children. My belief is that children are our future and most of our investment should go into their personal and professional development, as it will be they who will take over from us in a couple of decades. If we ignore their needs and go forward as we do now, we will build nice things on a bad fundament that won't last. But if we invest in children, we bring up a generation of skilled and motivated individuals, who will work hard to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them with their own abilities and potential. They will not wait for other people do something for them and they will know that it is their responsibility to contribute to the development of the village, city and country they live in. Being skilled and educated they will not look for ways to escape from Moldova, abandon their children and sink their sorrows about being poor and unrealised in life in alcohol and drugs.

"All of that, as well as the actual benefits that I’ve seen as the result of the first project edition, make me very enthusiastic about the continuous development of the project and committed to its mission and aims."


The project was organised by the non-governmental organisation “Ocrotiti Copiii” in collaboration with Susila Dharma International Association, Budeşti community town hall, the theoretical lyceum “Budeşti”, the primary school and Youth Center “Udo Jurgens” of Budeşti with the financial support of Susila Dharma International Organisation, Susila Dharma France, Susila Dharma Norway, Susila Dharma Germany and the Guerrand Hermes Foundation for Peace.


Source Susila Dharma International

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