The United Nations of Zone4

Zone 4 Meeting and Gathering in Budapest, 2015

24 countries, 60 groups, approx. 1300 members and 6 Subud houses.

Zone4 covers central and eastern Europe, Scandinavia, northern Asia and part of the Middle East, with Scandinavia in the North and Greece, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey in the South to Russia and the Ukraine in the East.

It has more countries with Subud members than any other zone. In fact, there are 24 countries with members and of these, 14 have national committees. An interesting fact is that English is the language commonly used throughout the zone, although it is not the native language for any of the countries.
This Zone also has more “younger” Subud countries than other zones, but includes some long-established countries. The variety of peoples, cultures, political systems, histories, and variance in economies makes for a rich and fascinating mix of Subud members, but also presents challenges.
For organisational purposes, the World Subud Association is divided into nine zones. To be able to coordinate the work of the WSA, each zone has a coordinator who represents his country on the World Subud Council between world congresses. Zone Representatives also chair councils for their zone, are directors of the WSA, and form the voting body of the WSC, along with the WSA Chairperson.
Zone Representative
Farah Czwiertnia, Austria


Zone4 - Banner for the World Congress 2014
Zone4 - Banner for the World Congress 2014

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