Celebrating the Latihan at work in this world


Our endeavours in non-profit, profit, cultural, social, health & business projects

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Fair / Show

Possibility for members to present their projects: business enterprise, non-profit, service, art, creative work, etc.

Workshops & coaching

For those who would like to start an own enterprise or project,
discover and develop (new) skills

Just to name a few possibilities, questions will depend on needs:

- How is our relationship with money / material forces

- What makes the difference working in a Subud project?

- About social relations

- Please let us know your questions

- For young people to find out about talents and skills
  and how to put them into practice

Sharing experiences

Offering mentorship

-  Presentation(s) / about

-  Aspects of each ,wing‘ in every project

Subud & Internet

-  How does the internet help us organize our projects & communication.

-  What do we need, who are the experts in Subud?

-  Support in learning about collaborative tools (Box, Dropbox, Meetingsphere, etc.)

Panel about Subud enterprise(s)
 - Zone4 Subud enterprise(s)

- What is our position?

- Is there a project idea we would like to support?

- What kind of projects would be the Z4 projects?

- What are our strengths / weeknesses

- What really is a Subud enterprise?



Please find the questionnaire for the "Art, Project & Enterprise Venue" on the next page.

Celebrating the Latihan at work in this world
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We are happy to invite you to our Zone 4 Gathering      in Kaliningrad, 3-9.8.2019

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Zone 4 Gathering 2019

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