Visa information



Citizens of most countries need a visa to enter Russia.

Visa application procedure may take up to 3 weeks, so make sure to apply in time.

Visa consular fee is about 35 Euro.

Please apply to Russian consulate in your country or to a travel agency for more details.


Note: for a tourist visa you need

 - a passport valid for another 6 months

 - an invitation letter from a travel agency

 - a standard travel health insurance for the time of your visit in Russia.

 The hotel will provide you with an invitation letter for a 4 Euro fee if you

   a. tick "I need an invitation letter" in the registration form and

   b.send the following data to Vera, who is organising the invitations, to the email


Family name


First names (exactly as written in your passport)


Birth date


Gender (male/female)


Passport number


Nationality (=country that issued the passport)


Arrival and departure date (if you have not booked yet, please add 1 day each way – just in case)



Thank you for your cooperation!



In some countries (eg. Austria and Germany) travel agencies offer to organise the visa for you with all the necessary formalities - for an additional fee.


Here are some information links concerning Russian visa:


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