Discounts and Subsidies

It has always been our aim to help all member countries to send delegations to our annual meetings.

If you need financial support, please write to Salama at, mentioning your present  function in Subud (if any). If support is required, you need the approval of our Zone 4 team before you can be registered. Delegates should first ascertain what their national treasury can provide and then communicate directly with Salama ( explaining their situation. Members of zone 4 countries who are not delegates and who need support: please first turn to your national committee. If the national committee is not able to help, they should contact Salama and Yosef to discuss the possibilities. Where a country has no national committee, the person chosen as representative who needs financial support please contact Salama directly at <>.



We are happy to invite you to our Zone 4 Gathering      in Kaliningrad, 3-9.8.2019

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Zone 4 Gathering 2019

With your donation to WSA you help us to help!