The Gathering


The essence of our meeting is LATIHAN
the core activities:
- delegate meeting,
- helpers’ workshop,-
- kejiwaan meeting,
Wings and WSA info,
family and cultural activities,
creativity and fun,



and the Kaliningrad team is preparing interesting sightseeing excursions.




Preliminary Programme (details/timing may be subject to changes)
t. 3.8: arrival day,
              evening Latihan
              21:00 Welcome everybody: news, brief programme for the next days


Sun.4.8  10:00 Latihan
              11:00 ... Kejiwaan day,
                            children programme    
             after lunch: Kejiwaan day cont.
              before dinner: Games and activities for the whole family
              Evening: Zone 4 and guest Countries´Get to Know Show




Mo. 5.8    9:00 Latihan
              10:00 beginning of Delegate Meeting / Helpers Workshops /
                       general activities / Families & Yout
              before dinner: 2 hours Keys to Creativity Workshop     
              Evening:  Bapak´s Tal


Tue.6.8   9:00 Latihan
             10:00 Delegate Meeting / Helpers Workshop /Family & Youth programme
             before dinner: Peace-in-us workshop: Peace testing and more
             Evening: Poems for Peace


Wed.7.8 9:00 Latihan
             Excursion day
             Evening: Dancing and Games


Thu.8.8  9:00 Latihan
             10:00 Wings and WSA day  (details will follow)
                       SESI Centerprise Workshop
             19:00 Farewell evening: Vision theatre / Concert


Fr.9.8     9:00 Latihan & Testing
             Saying good-bye
             Departure day









We are happy to invite you to our Zone 4 Gathering      in Kaliningrad, 3-9.8.2019

see details under

Zone 4 Gathering 2019

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